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Solid fuel boilers

Solid fuel boiler STROPUVA - the first and so far the sole Lithuanian boiler
awarded with a CE certificate by influential European company.







Patents and certificate


Solid fuel boilers

» Wood-fired boilers
» Coal-fired boilers
» BIO boilers

        We present the domestic solid fuel boiler, in the mouth of which the burning time of one load is measured in days. With one load of wood, peat and sawdust briquettes the boiler burns for about 30 hours and with coal, the burning time is about 7 days.

       Exceptional characteristics of the manufactured products, which prolong the burning time of the solid fuel boiler, are the distribution of air from the top and the solid fraction burning in the candle principle.

        The boiler  is a steel cylinder covered by a steel cylinder of a bigger diameter, a structure isinsulated. Heated water is between the cylinders. A structure has openings for loading of solid fuel, ash removal and smoke extraction flue. There are also openings for water supply, thermometer and pressure safety valve. Air heating compartment for the improvement of combustion quality and heating transmission is mounted on the upper part of a combustion compartment.

         Advantages of STROPUVA domestic solid fuel boilers:

  • Unceasing combustion – you will not have to spend more time in the boilery than necessary;
  • Economical – about 91,6 % when operating in all modes;
  • Clean and ecologic: it is enough to clean out the ashes twice a month; tar does not gather in the boiler;
  • The boiler operates safely. It is the first and only Lithuanian boiler, which has been awarded the CE certificate by an authoritative European company;
  • The product is granted a 5 years of warranty;
  • Any type of wood is suitable for the fuel: firewood, sawdust briquettes, scrap of the furniture production, as well as peat briquettes and coal;


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      The firewood, timber waste, sawdust briquettes, peat turf briquettes and coal burn in the cylinder shaped mouth of the boiler. The mouth is on top; therefore not the entire loaded firewood burns intensively, but the upper part of the mouth. The firewood located in the bottom part of the boiler does not heat up and “waits for its turn” to heat up and burn. The air is distributed in such way, that the fuel would not burn up too deep. When a layer of firewood burns out, the distributor is continuously going down and always stays on the burning firewood – precisely in the combustion zone.


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Solid fuel boiler